ISSUE 10 ~Double Entry Bookkeeping~ Sir, Butler and Boy

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No seriously, this one is so filthy there’s nothing on the front.

You’ve read the title, you know what this is about. It’s all tastefully implied, though it is debatable if one can write about this tastefully.

All characters depicted are over the age of consent, and all are eager, willing participants.

This isn’t really a warning.

More like advertising . . .


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A physical copy of the adventures of Sir, Butler and Boy, AKA Gay Buttlers, for those of you who need to get your hands on it.

20 pages, A4 size in classic black and white and on recycled paper and includes a quick slick history of lube.

Items will be sent in a plain hard backed envelope not betraying the contents, with a sealed sticker packaging so you know if it's been tampered with. After all, a gentleman is always discrete.

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