That’s a copy of a real french cookbook from the late 1800’s- apparently there’s a lot herring recipes in that one!

We’re at the end of the first lady gays story and now’s the time for you to let me know what you thought.

I borrowed a lot of kink themes from the first Gay butlers story such as Lap sitting, being used as a foot stool and the one in charge reading; but also included different elements such as the Madame being pampered, the fact that the maid (usually the bottom/boy) is the switch character in this dynamic, and the total sub being a very tall, elegant older woman.

In a lot of femdom/bdsm works I find that the dominant woman is usually rather mean so in this one I went with a more caring, if still strict role. There’s an element of denial but also contrasting with excessive pleasure- repeat orgasms/long sessions are a theme throughout my powerplay work.

One thing I struggle with is the worry about objectifying women more than I do men. This is something I tried to combat (even though I’m drawing smut) by making sure the sexual tension is to do with their personalities, not about how much of their bodies they’ll reveal. While objectification is a kink I’ve experimented with for the boys I don’t think I’ll be doing it with the ladies as much- there’s already far too much of that on the internet already. I’m also trying to depict moments of female pleasure as opposed to focusing on specific sex acts where pleasure sometimes isn’t even taken into account.

All in all I really enjoyed this little story and I’m looking forward to doing some more for these to flesh out their dynamic and particular situation. If you have any particular kinks/scenarios you’d like to see please let me know- I can’t promise anything as it might not work with the characters but I’m interested in your preferences! You can always email me or PM on facebook, tumblr or twitter if you’re shy.