Anwar’s Mum be all like ‘I ran to check on you for THIS?’.

Just to clarify- the laptop breaking is a plotline for the comic, not me trying to tell you mine is broken!

In other stuff news, I’m getting ready for a new convention season- which means a big old t-shirt order has just arrived! A bunch of people requested smaller Lucie Decline the Asexual Succubus T-shirts, and while I can’t get gildan to make an XS, I have managed to stock a Ladies fit Small and Medium. These shirts have a slimmer waist, shorter body and cuter sleeves- and fit tiny human beings! ¬†Also in the order were a bunch of Fabulous shirts, a restock of the classic ‘I like men in a gay way’ and the ‘I Am A…’ Shirt now comes in Sweet Sappho that’s Pretty Damn Pink!




All the t-shirts are £15, and shipping is combined by weight so you get the best price!