Just wanted to clear something up- while Raven is Chris’ friend, she is also a professional domme. This is something that I wanted to imply more than state, but when Anwar mentioned it in the previous page I noticed a lot of people in the comments calling it an insult.

Pro dommes are a very hot topic in BDSM and what tends to get the most media coverage. I have mixed feelings about the subject myself, so I included it not to judge, but to just bring it up and start a conversation about it. On the one hand, these women are doing something they love and that’s fantastic, on the other hand, why are there so few women in the kink scene that they’re in such high demand? And what concrete steps can we take to make the scene a better place for women?

I wish I could write a story about the fetish scene being a beautiful place of acceptance and love, and in some ways it’s great, but other times it’s about as fucked up as the real world.