This Friday I’ll be posting the final page of Shades of A over on my Patreon, ending on lucky 113!

For those of you who don’t know, Patreons who give $5 or more get 3 updates a week so they’ve steadily been getting further and further ahead- if you can’t wait I recommend checking it out!

The pages will continue as normal 2 times a week on Discord- at this rate you should get the end by the start of September, ready for the kickstarter launch for book 2 and a super sexy hardback omnibus edition.

My next project coincides with my move to Manchester- this friday I’ll own a house there, and with all the renovations I’m doing I’ve decided to move onto something using more traditional media so I can bring it with me wherever I am. I’ve decided to take a break from angst and just draw smut for a little while. My next series will be called Gay Buttlers/Sir, Butler and Boy which will last for about a year while I gather the feelings for a longer story.


Shades is officially finished over on the patreon pages.
Shades will update on the main site like normal, Kickstarter for an omnibus to launch in septemeber.
I’m half moving to Manchester, still living in southampton, 6 hour journeys here I come.
Next project is basically just smut, and is called Gay Buttlers with two T’s. It will put the BUTT back in Buttler.