‘Butter me up like a Chicken’ is my own personal phrase for the height of depravity. It’s almost becoming my catch phrase- someone will make a joke about sodomy, then a I sigh, get up from my seat and say ‘I’ll go butter the chicken.’ The more sad you look when you utter the phrase, the better.

I realised while drawing this that it’s the first time you see Chris’ chest naked in the story- it’s hinted at a bit much earlier that he doesn’t like his chest being seen, but not *why*. This makes the bath that they shared after Anwar meets Hazel and Pearl that little bit more significant. I spent most of drawing this like ‘but what would his nipples look like..?’ I added a new layer to the colouring process called ‘pretty pinks’ which you can totally see with that FINE hand detail in the last panel.