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This may differ from place to place, but in England BDSM meetups have an average age of about 50 years. It’s always funny to me when you read a story where someone goes to a kinky club and it’s all hot young things grinding on a dance floor.

The little sign says ‘mobile phones and recording devices are not permitted inside the building.’ This is standard procedure as no one wants blackmail pictures turning up on the internet. Some other common rules clubs have are:

No minors. We support Safe and Sane play among consenting adults. You must be 18 years of age to be on the premises.

No drugs. Drugs are NOT permitted in the building. Persons found in possession of or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave.

BDSM Play and alcohol don’t mix. We ask that you not indulge in alcohol before you play. ONLY bottled water is allowed in the Dungeon. If the DM’s believe you are impaired your scene will be stopped.

No smoking except in designated smoking lounge.

Play in Dungeon ONLY! All BDSM scenes or play is restricted to the Dungeon Area of the building. Absolutely no play is allowed in the lounge, restrooms or smoking area.

Don’t intervene. If you see something going on that disturbs you, do not intervene. Bring the matter to the attention of a Dungeon Monitor.

No photography, video/audio taping of any kind are allowed in the building.

Be consensual. “No” means “No.” Do not attempt to continue conversations if the other party is clearly uncomfortable.