Back from Norway! One nose bleed, a strained tendon in my foot and a chest infection later! Still had a great time though which says something XD

Chris says ‘I mean’ a lot when flustered.

The couple making out in the lift happens in 50 shades of grey- I believe it’s to create sexual tension or something but just ends up being weird. I’m using it to explore the characters a bit more- Chris is the type of guy who has no problem seeing kinky scenes happening in front of him in a club because he’s expecting to see it, but throw random people making out in front of him and he’ll get embarrassed. Anwar just gives no fucks.

In other news, we had some issues with Khaos Komix and the forum while I was away as we were moving servers. All is fine now except we lost a lot of forum posts though so it’s up to you to go forth and fill it back up again!

I also got another Shades fanart- this time of JD! ¬†This one’s by Sora and you can check out their tumblr over here:¬†