Things are going to get a bit forceful over the next couple of pages but I hope it’s obvious that Jefferson is totally into that.

Remember kids, if you choke someone you’re not aiming to cut off their air supply completely (and risk damaging their throat) but squeezing their neck to cut off blood to the brain and make them a bit light headed. The danger is what tends to get people off but you can reduce risk of harm by being careful.

This is why some places describe it as RACK- Risk Aware Consensual Kink as opposed to Safe Sane and Consensual. Some things are inherently dangerous but you can take steps to ensure they’re not damaging.

I’m off to Kitacon this friday for some Cabaret fun, as well as taking part in a panel on Tailoring and a gameshow called the Yaoi is Right. It’s going to be a blast- say hi on my table if you’re about!