Whoops, some of you got a glimpse of Page 5 as I’d missed this one out! Thanks everyone who let me know I’d missed it.

Virginity is such a fascinating concept- there’s so many to ‘lose’! From the first time someone put their genitals inside you, the first time you put yours inside them, the same again but a slightly different place- plus variations on hands and mouths, then take into consideration whether an orgasm has to happen and how long it takes to “count” then times by the theory that it’s only the first time a penis and a vagina come into contact….

And you get a lot of sums which add up to virginity being a bit of a meaningless concept.

Maybe if we stopped talking about virginity you lose and instead talk about experience you gain?

And well, James is going to gain a taste for sodomy, but only if Jefferson is willing to share.