I was tempted to fill the void around Jeff with a written list of “submissive” rules- things like “I must not meet my master’s gaze” and “I must only speak when spoken to”. However that’s not quite the theme of this story and not the dynamic these three have. It would have also made it look a lot like this Poster of Tom  I used to sell .

This issue is about impact play and changing up the dynamic once again, following on from the events of Spit Shine where James showed he could take charge.

This story is quite intense and some readers may not be comfortable as it deals with subs who are willing to have anything done to them if it pleases their dominant, as well as doms being pushed beyond their limits. It’s a big mess but does get sorted in the end.

If you’d prefer to skip this please check back in on Wednesday 18th October for a much squishier story called ‘Pheasant Pluckers’!