Shades Of A 046

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  1. Bunner

    Hmmmmm…’rescuing’ sounds like a good thing
    I would have loved to see Chris in his curlers though /)’3′(\

  2. Hannah

    Epic Mr. Toast is so epic it deserves its own panel! Along with its beloved and whacky co-stars, Mr. Orange Juice, and Mr. and Mrs. Aspirin! :D

    • Womandrogyne

      (I like to think of the aspirins as being in an ungendered polyamorous relationship – always room for one or two more :))

      • Hannah

        I could see that, personally though I like the idea of Mr. and Mrs. Aspirin being an older couple, full of life and fit to burst with experiences and knowledge that’s meant to be shared with younger generations who can’t help but repeat mistakes they’ve already made. :]

        • Womandrogyne

          Oh yes, shaking their heads with indulgent smiles at the stupid antics of the Ibuprofen Massive =)

  3. Torg

    I thought alcohol is as bad as bacon for muslims? I might be wrong. anyway, chris <3

    • Seph

      Yes, it is. That was alluded to a few strips ago. JD asked Anwar if he was sure if he wanted (ahem) JD in his coke.

    • Arborine

      Aye, that was the whole dilemma in page 43 – I’m guessing from experience of people making uncomfortable decisions that Anwar going “Nngh” and doing that thing with his face while he ponedered it took somewhat longer than comic time would lead us to beleive.

    • Allie

      Also, individual followers of any religion have varying degrees of observance in practice

      • Ally

        I’m getting the impression that Anwar generally keeps halal pretty strictly, though – last night was unusual for him.

  4. gnarlycat

    I want a t-shirt that says “No bacon bad” on it!

    I love how you drew Anwar sprawled across the table in the third panel.

  5. RoL

    Oh well, I suppose if Anwar is gonna break one law and get completely smashed, he doesn’t get to break another to deal with the consequences. But anything supper greasy and has protein will help, so a cheese omelet will do just as well.

  6. michineko

    I guess after breaking one rule and being stuck with the hangover from hell, he doesn’t want to tempt fate with another.

  7. Elanya

    I love Chris’s fluffy pink bathrobe, too, along with everything else.

  8. Ally

    Anwar is so hung over he’s only capable of Buffyspeak XD (Not knocking Buffy, I love it)

    • Ruin

      Noooo, we know Buffyspeak isn’t a bad term – Buffyspeak gooooooood word, very pretty~

      All the Buffsters use it.

  9. Dan

    Chris-chan! Let me eat Anwar’s share~ /drools/ so fantastic. I could wake up to that any day <3

  10. QueenColonDarkwing

    I am both excited and nervous about how this will play out

  11. Elanya

    Is anyone else using Chrome having trouble getting the story navigation buttons to work (beginning, previous, archive)? *makes grabby hands at story*

    • Rosethorn

      No problem here

    • Teal_Dragon

      No, though a minute ago it went a little cuckoo when I clicking the button to see the comics. Once I reloaded the page, it worked fine and I could go Previous, Beginning, and Archive without any issue.

    • Sybarite

      They stopped working for me about two updates ago. :(

  12. drv

    chris’s hair is lovely even without having been curled!

    i’m with anwar on the bacon, but i hope he feels better soon. he’s young, he should be resilient, right?

  13. Sibylle

    I really can’t wait to see how this ends !

  14. Alice

    I love Chris! No explanation, no nothing just “Hi, bacon?” and Anwar is probably way too hungover, guilt-ridden and embarrassed to ask about anything that’s happened (someone said Chris might have slept on the couch, think that’s actually likely)…poor An, I want to cuddle him and tell him everything’s gonna be good

  15. Kisten Nightfire
    Kisten Nightfire

    Tab, are you avare that hyperlinks broke for Chrome? (previous, next, end)

  16. Erin

    If I wasn’t smitten with Chris before, his loaded bookshelves definitely put me over the edge :)

  17. EmKay

    Love the toast on this page!!! Ps, seriously looking forward to MCM Manchester!

  18. DemonEthan

    This page is perfect. And Chris in the first panel. Tab, I love you.

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