Shades Of A 054

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  1. Rakel

    I like how SITH LORD is bolded

  2. DemonEthan

    Chris wins all the awards. Man stream was fun tonight! <3

  3. Rhov

    I want that shirt! O_O

    • Flutter_by

      Ditto. That shirt is the bee’s knees.

  4. Betty Noir
    Betty Noir

    I <3 Chris's shirt. Like, a lot.

  5. Womandrogyne

    I want one that says:

    • Esme

      now that i like

  6. seth

    The shirt! Oh, wow. Anyway, I like your version better, Tab.

  7. Guest

    So in other words, Grey is a creepy stalker…?

    • Konan

      psychopathic abuser is probably more accurate.

    • Anya

      Grey is actually tame compared to a guy I met. He at least gave her a chance to run and didn’t spring it on her after he held her down and tied her up. And if she said no he would stop. He gets better in book 2. He actually tries really hard to make their relationship work… I actually like the trilogy though. Its not the worst thing I’ve ever read. I will admit he had me going “wtf are you doing?!” in book 1

      • Jim John
        Jim John

        So…the part in Fifty Shades Freed where he purposely marks her up so she wouldn’t take her top off in public DIDN’T make you go wtf? Please explain to me how that’s “better”. Or! Or the time when he has a list of people given to her security that she’s NOT ALLOWED TO SEE. Or maybe, in Fifty Shades Darker, (spoiler alert) when Christian finds out that Ana was going to say yes the whole time, instead of saying “boy, aren’t I lucky, she loves me for who I am,” he actually gets angry at her for not telling him when he was pressuring her about it the day before. Let’s see…there are also times when he actually rapes her, but I’m really interested in how you can defend and justify what I already said.

        • Anya

          I’m not going to defend it. It was just my opinion. Though from what I keep hearing and what you have said. I think I’m going to go buy a copy and trash the download I have. Since it seems someone took liberties when writing the file. Because when I went to look at what you said was an angry reaction to her keychain-present-answer… he didn’t seem angry. And then freed seems weird like its skipping things… this is disconcerting.

  8. jack

    I love that shirt. XD

  9. gnarlycat

    Love your final decision on Chris’s shirt! Haha. And also appreciate how infinitely less creepy his way of finding Anwar was from the original version.

  10. Lisa264544

    I tried so hard to put of reading this because I know the wait for the next one on Monday will feel like FOREVER… Absolutely loving this story, especially Chris. <3

  11. Ally

    I love how Anwar is leaning at a rakish angle in panel 2. Oh Anwar, you are so smashed!

  12. Dan

    Oh! Good drawing of Anwar’s shirt removal. Lots of great drunken detail in all of this. Also disappointed in him for using the Facepoint location app -_- So dangerous.

    Usual <3 for Chris

  13. beckye

    good gods, I want that shirt!

  14. Annichka

    Could we make that shirt?! Also, support points for being less creepy.

  15. Fyora

    I need Chris’ shirt. Right now. My max-level Zabrak Sith Warrior (Marauder) demands it. The Emperor’s Wrath demands it! I can’t wear it outside, though, because I’ve never seen the movies. I just want to wear it while I play SWTOR.

    • John

      I’d prefer one which reads My Inner Goddess flies a phantom for my SWTOR T-shirt :)

      Chiss ftw!

      But yes; these ‘shirts need to exist.

  16. Rilian

    khaos in french? Yea! I’m studying french now and I’ve been looking for things to read and listen to.

  17. Blaise

    Sweet! French Khaos!
    I hope you don’t mind if I use it to study for french exams. Everybody is so cute speaking in french. But then when I get it translated in my head I get hit with all the angst. My god. Khaos has the best angst.

    Also. In things relevant to this page. I love Chris’ shirt. And I want one.

  18. shiloh

    i require chris’s shirt. it’s the most glorious thing i’ve ever seen (except maybe for the all the things shirt).

  19. drv

    thanks to you and whomever else worked on the khaos translation!! i’ve been studying french for a year independently, and i just started reading it again (tried once eight months ago, failed completely). now i actually get enough of it to find myself just laughing out loud! it is AWESOME. BEST STUDY FRIEND EVAR. and now if i ever have actual francophone friends i’ll be able to share one of my favoritest comix evar :) <3

  20. Udyr

    Just realized that, Anwar just left JD and they don’t know where he went. They must be worried… :S

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