It’s been an amazing 7 days and the kickstarter is fully funded and still going!  Thank you so much for coming on this adventure with me- to celebrate here’s an extra verse of the Minority Monster song.

 This time it’s Madame Lucie to celebrate asexuality awareness week! This one was shot on my phone in my workroom so it no where near the quality of the main video but I thought it would be a little bit of fun. (I also had to learn very quickly how to colour grade videos as my face was still a bit red from my cold XD)

We’ve already hit the Fairy Nuff stretch goal and it would be awesome to see some more of the other monsters but for now the book is guaranteed to be printed and anything else will just make the book even better (and bigger!)

If you want to come see the draft book in person I’ll be at London MCM comic con this weekend along with some of the plushies so you can squish them. I’ll also be at Thoughtbubble in Leeds the following weekend and taking part in the Rainbow Age- Queers in comics panel.


Xx Tab