Steve’s story was first hosted on Khaos Komix in 2006, welcome to discord Steve!

You may have noticed that is down- that’s because during some maintenance I deleted an old plugin that has basically wrecked the database somewhere and digging it out and fixing whatever code clash we’re experiencing is taking a very long time.

I’ve spent the last few days yelling at my computer, but this just gives me the boost to do something I’ve been meaning to do- integrate Khaos Komix into the Discord site and make everything even newer and shinier with a better comments system! (and maybe tweak the colours a bit more). Due to CPU capping I’ll be uploading each chapter over the next week or so, use this as a chance to go back through the archives and re-read, or if you haven’t read Khaos before, enjoy!


Please bear with (rawr) while the site goes through changes- my email will always be to report issues.

Xx Tab