The internet has decided- Monday is Shades day, with 2 updates landing late monday evening after being livestreamed during the day. Because why wait when you can gorge all at once?

Anywhoo, here’s the cover to part 2- Shades After. I could have called it ‘book 2’ or something similar, but it seemed like a nice idea to call it something a bit more catchy XP

After pondering what image to use on this cover I decided on the keyboard- firstly it’s a pun on the whole key thing you get on the last book in the 50 shades of grey series:


I considered a bunch of imagery, trying to think of something that comes up a lot in the story to come- and the consistent thread through the story is Anwar’s blog and different form of communications, so a keyboard. A cover page is born!

See y’all Monday!