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  1. sean

    freeking woop. my depression at the end of Khaos has gone to sleep :3

  2. AlekPixi

    Looking forward to seeing where this is going!

  3. zZz

    Seems interesting, though not exactly my cup of tea. Will keep reading just for the hell of it. If anyone, Tab deserves to be read before considering one’s presumptions.

    P.S: The greyish-blue the chat window changes colour into after clicking it causes eyebleeds when you try to discern the violet letters. Just a thing I think you should look into.

  4. SolitareLee

    Oh god ew, 50 shades reference. xD Well, hopefully it will be significantly better than that… thing.

  5. aineotter

    Yeah. Um, I have to say, the 50 shades reference almost put me off reading any further, but your previous work was so good that I’m going to, anyway, because I can’t believe that you’d write a comic glorifying an abusive, controlling relationship dressed up as BDSM.

    • brittany

      As a long time Khaos reader(I swear I found it before 2009, but that’s when Tab says it started, so I guess my memory’s faulty), I trust Tab on this one. 50 Shades frankly disgusted me, at least the three pages I randomly opened to in the middle of my mom’s copy(she hadn’t read it yet, so that wasn’t awkward). From the description alone I’m not sure what the connection is between this comic and those books, despite the title and cover being a clear reference, but for now I’m trusting that it’ll turn out alright.

    • Razorstain

      Wow, way to twist my words around. I NEVER said being a child abuse victim gives a person a free pass to be abusive.

    • Razorstain

      Yay, good for you. Have a cookie.

  6. glitch

    I thought exactly the same thing. 50 shades reference is really off putting. but I will give this a chance because of khaos.

  7. bracket

    I really enjoyed Khaos and I was pretty excited for this but, I dunno. I have to admit I cringed at the description. Not so much because of all the 50 Shades references, but it makes me feel like I’m reading somebody’s radiqueer identity politics blog. I guess morbid curiosity might keep me coming back but I’m kind of eh.

    inb4 “dont like dont comment” from other users

  8. Aqueos

    Well I don’t have to bash something in frustration now. Phew.

  9. Ray

    Being both asexual and a fan of Doctor Who… things are looking up for me as I delve into your next comic. Keep it up, Tab! Khaos is wonderful and I have nothing but high hopes for Shades of A.

    • G

      Seconded! (Because adding my own comment would just be reiterating this)

      • Ray


  10. TheOtherDibbler

    So, I’m laughing at the fact that so many people have gone ‘ZOMG! Fifty Shades of Grey’, when my entire reaction was ‘Hooray! Asexuality comic! Why is there a picture of a tie?’

    So, uh, thanks to all the commenters for making me understand the tie thing, but why did no-one else read the comic description? Except Ray, hello fellow ace, nice to meet you. :)

    • TheOtherDibbler

      On re-read of the comments, perhaps people did read the description, but clearly we got different things from it. In any case, I look forward to reading a webcomic that I can relate to. :)

  11. Trivium

    *Reads descriptions, cracks neck


    Hi Tab & Nate, hi fellow Kreatures! :D

  12. wereoctopus

    I don’t think making a pun on 50 Shades of Grey is glorifying that trashy, horrible work, but TBH I do worry that it’s going to look dated in even a few months. My partner works in a bookshop and told be that the demand for 50 Shades has already dropped to only the occasional copy sold.

    Though maybe Tab is fine with that, or only intends this particular comic to have a short run or something.

  13. Rivka

    I just answered the Neutral Pronoun Poll, and I noticed that the one I encountered first wasn’t on there. Right after I came out, I posted on Craigslist’s W4W. I know, terrible idea, but there was one response I liked well enough to go on a date with. Problem is, this person wanted to be called ‘it’. I was kind of intrigued by the genderqueer idea, but I just could not handle what I saw as the dehumanizing pronoun.
    I’m wondering if ‘it’(it/those/its/itself) is just uncommon enough that it didn’t make the list, or if ‘it’ was excluded for the same reason I still can’t bring itself to use that pronoun for a person.

    • Seth

      This is the first I’ve heard of someone actually wanting to be referred to using a pronoun normally reserved for inanimate objects. I assure you it’s not at all common.

  14. Adrian

    I’m uber glad that you’re making another comic, and about an asexual with BDSM undertones, but the cover from 50 shades of grey kinda killed it a bit for me. But knowing you, it shall be awesome.

  15. Diva

    A friend recced this to me because she saw “Kinky Ace” and thought of me. I’m seven different kinds of looking forward to what this story shall be. Especially with a male ace. Nice!

  16. Lane

    I was looking forward to this until I noticed that Tab used the word “transvestite”. C’mon Tab I thought you were better than this? What’s going on with you?

    • Emily Henninger
      Emily Henninger
    • Aaron

      Technically speaking there’s nothing wrong with the word “transvestite” so long as it refers to what it is properly meant to refer to: someone who cross-dresses occasionally for shits and giggles. It’s only wrong or offensive when it’s being used to refer to an actual trans* person, and I highly doubt Tab would have used it if that was the case.

      • Tab

        Basically this. When I say transvestite that’s exactly what I mean. The only offensive thing about it is when it’s used incorrectly.

  17. Xain

    I’ve silently read Khaos for a while now but I’m coming out of the shadows to say Thank You So Much Tab!!!! I’m an asexual agender myself and I am more psyched for this comic than any comic I’ve ever read. Thanks and keep pushing boundaries

  18. Dan

    Is it possible someone else’s work couldn’t of been referenced as the intro to this comic? I’d really like this to be Tab’s work and not a parody series.

    But asexual, hell yea! >D

  19. Warner Mclaws

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  20. Dendron

    Is it possible to get a “Most Recent Page” link or something at the top? It’s getting a little tiresome going page by page to get to the latest. If there’s a way to already do this and I just can’t see it, please let me know! Otherwise, just a suggestion for user-friendliness[:

    • Tab

      Just click the main banner to get to the home page! I’m working on the buttons now though to make it easier.

  21. Heather

    As a long time Khaos reader, the only thing off putting about this is that Tab says Dr instead of Doctor when reffering to Doctor Who. :P

  22. erinishkabibble

    I’m as ebullient as acid on limestone to find out about this comic. I’ve been reading Khaos for years now, watching for updates, and loved everything about it: characterizations and backstories, art and style, psyche and reactions. I’ve had some trouble lately in that I’m pretty sure I’m ace, but there’s not much acknowledged legitimacy to that where I’m from and it seems like it comes up as a point of friction WAY more often than you think. It just happened to be I looked at the comic main page because I needed an The World Is Multivariate And Accepting moment, and here was this! Thank you.

  23. Erin

    Just re-read this and realized that it says “his (soon to be ex) best mate”… Noooooooooooooooo

    • ladyvagabond

      Yeah, I’ve been wondering about this too…

  24. Ari

    How is this a porn comic if it deals with asexuality? So confused. Is there porn or is there just some sex that contributes to the plot? cause that makes a huge difference

  25. eched

    Ordered a copy and posted a review.

    And the second part of the review.

    • Tab

      You pronounced my name right! : D Lovely review, thank you very much!

  26. John

    The book will be MINE!

    At some point I’ll have to buy the other Khaos books to. I’d really like to have Alex adn Tom’s. (I know, I know, I can. I need da muneh!)

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