Shades Of A 028

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  1. Hannah

    Epic 50 shades excerpt is epic.

  2. Rakel

    I kinda want to read fifty shades now for comparison, but then I don’t.

    • Tab

      Don’t do it. Just rely on me to bring you the special bits :P

      • Micha

        Brave heart, you.

      • 47x

        Just don’t get scarred for life during the process.

      • Subaru

        I applaud your bravery, oh great one!

      • FantasyJAW

        Yay for Tab giving us the super special awesome bits of 50 Shades and thus saving us from our destructive curiosity that can only lead to a terrible case of bad-writing-and-terrible-plot-itis!

  3. Manda

    Never read 50 shades my mother did and I just asked her about it. It’s interesting seeing your excerpts though. I’m really enjoying them vs the page in question ^u^

    • Aza

      Aw man, so did mine. The sad part is I think she was doing it to better understand my “lifestyle choices.” Haha. I kept telling her that wasn’t how most BDSM experiences go, but I think by that point she was just reading for the sex scenes.

  4. Micha

    I just love these two so much. ^_^

  5. seth

    Insert drama! Dun, dun, dun….
    I’m not going to bother reading the book. I don’t feel tempted to read the book. But it’s fun to read the lines you compare with what’s going on in the comic.

  6. Nil

    Oh no! You gave Ron’s line to Hermione! :-P

  7. Adrien

    LOL. What the hell is that writer on? I like your version way better.

  8. Biev

    ..Aren’t they on the wrong side of the bike in the last panel? Or did Anwar circle all the way around the bike? I don’t get how they got into that position.

    • Antony Nate

      I think instead of panning to the right, it’s a left-side view. It is a little bit of an awkward angle change, but it makes sense if you think about it.

    • Sammiifayse

      There is a bit of guard rail on both sides of the frame above it, if you look closely you can see it on Anwar’s side. It looks like Anwar pulled Chris to his side to me.

      • Biev

        If he did wouldn’t the bike be going the other way?

        • fingers

          yup, i agree, with the left side view, it only makes sense (in my head at least) that the bike would be going the opposite direction in panel 4, but that would totally look awkward, and the transition between this page and the next one would be broken. An ‘easy’ solution would to have Anwar and Chris switch places in panel 3, than it would all be smooth and well. but anyway i had no problems with getting what was going on, and Tab is the master here so… (also on a sidenote whenever there is a new page it brightens me day so thanks Tab!)

          • Biev

            It’s good to point these things out anyway. People did the same for me when I had a comic and I really appreciated it.

  9. Subaru

    I really, REALLY, like where this may be going. Those two are so cute, my God XD

  10. MalikTous

    There’s a game you can play with some @$$ trying to run people down with a motorcycle or bicycle. I call it the Jonny Evans game. You basically kick him off his vehicle and take it from him. Then your friend has time to beat his head against the road a couple of times. The tactic was originally used in the game and story ‘Roller Ball Murder’.

  11. Matt

    Het is Ew. 50SoG must be burned to the ground.

    Also, this page was intense. That has to be one of the best bicycles I’ve ever seen drawn. They’re exceedingly tough to do!

    • Tab

      Dissing any sexuality? Not cool bro.

      50 shades has a lot of things wrong with it, but heterosexuality is not one of them.

      • Pickleweasel

        I love your storytelling, Tab <3

        • Pickleweasel

          Oops replied to wrong thing. But do like you addressing this comment, too.

      • MalikTous

        Only ‘sexuality’ I dis is pædophilia, rape, and bestiality. Consenting adults is always cool.

  12. Rhov

    I’m reading the trilogy now, thanks to this comic. (Stupid curiosity!) Already on book 2… wasn’t impressed with book one at all, but damn the cliffhanger! Found a free copy on Google Docs, shhhhhhh….as if I’d pay to read this. I’ve read worse…much worse… and I’ve read better.

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