Shades Of A 060

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  1. DemonEthan

    D: Poor War. I have bad feelings bubbling up in my gut.

  2. Catherine

    Reading that excerpt I imagine Christian Grey like a robot and he slowly rotates his head towards her and his slate metal eyes are kind of creeping her out :’D

    • Zekiran

      Can’t unthink, THANK YOU.

    • Mik

      Lmao! I don’t know how anyone reads 50 Shades with a straight face.

  3. Esme

    so we see the top of their heads in the first pannel as we saw the bottome of them in the last one of the last page? does this mean we can see the middle of their faces in the middle of the next page XD

    also “stuff” internationaly renowned ” im trying to be vauge an avoid talking about it, please dont ask”

  4. Poppy

    Resolution on this page seems to be too high, the speech bubbles have a kind of grainy quality to them as a result of it being squeezed down.

    • M

      If they were squeezed down, that would mean the resolution was decreased and thus low, not high. (I also personally don’t see what you’re talking about with the grainy speech bubbles?)

      • Hekate Lesedi
        Hekate Lesedi

        I see it a little, but I attributed it to web not being able to use as many colors as photoshop, and tending to toss images down to 72ppi

    • Ete

      I noticed this. If you copy and paste the direct link of the webcomic into another tab, you’ll see this page is GIANT.

      • Brianna

        Yeah, it’s also 10x bigger in filesize as a result. :(

  5. Mik

    Oh gawwwd, Chris isn’t going to be all ‘I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT AND THERE’S NOTHING BETWEEN US, WHAT *STUFF*?’ is he? I really hope not.

  6. Mizure

    I feel like Anwar’s statement can be taken two ways. Either A. he means that the stuff between him and Chris is helping him get over JD, or B. the normal friend stuff between him and JD is helping him get over them. The statement is vague enough where either is possible until explained more. If it’s not B though, he’ll have to tread carefully since Chris hasn’t made any real statement about how he feels about/towards Anwar, or if he wants to even try to make their relationship into anything other than a friendship. So if Chris doesn’t reciprocate… well, it’ll get really awkward in a bit.

    On another note: really loving this comic Tab. Thank you for making awesomeness out of words strung together in a horrible (albeit some what comical) way. It’s a feat that I’m positive a primary school student could pull off, but your way is so much more fun, and I love how you tell meaningful stories about “sensitive” subjects. I learn new things just by reading your comics and I love that. I also love how much broader my perception of the world has become after starting to read your comics, which I would like to thank you for.
    Can’t wait til Monday’s update~

  7. Bunner

    This page took longer to load and I second the weird grainy look to the page.

  8. Dirkdarkphoenix

    Interesting how you’re denying the reader their expressions. Gives the feeling of ultimate awkwardness between the characters.

  9. Emily Henninger
    Emily Henninger

    The image on this page is 4961 x 7016 pixels, scaled down to 610 x 863 px. That’s effing huge. That’s why it’s loading slowly and appears grainy.

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