Beautiful backgrounds are beautiful!

The kickstarter finishes on MONDAY, which means you have a weekend to decide if you’d like to pledge or not! Here are a couple of production updates which might sway you:

I’ve started considering what to do for a Kelly story if we get there. Here’s a teaser for you:

My name is Veronica, Ronnie for short. I’m Kelly Murphy’s girlfriend, primary, partner, lover- whatever.

People often ask me how I deal with her ‘fucking around’. I tell those people to fuck off as it’s none of their business.

Because Kelly is MY business.

(Sounds fucking awesome ammiright?)

In physical stuff I’ve made up the first embroidery badge which goes to everyone who’s pledged KHAOS 4 LYFE or above.

I’ve also finished the book 4 extras ready to go to the printers! I’ve got character bios, old artwork, gender and sexuality FAQ’s and a section on consent, sexual abuse and tips for how to support a friend if they’ve been raped. A mixture of happy, sad and really fucking useful.