So my only experience in pheasant hunting involves accidentally wandering through one in Wales and it being very very loud. Research tells me that you get people who are beaters and their job is to wander through the underbush waving flags to scare the birds up into the air for the other people to shoot them.

There’s often a dog involved who goes and fetches the dead birds and brings them back, however (if you haven’t noticed already) this comic only has these three characters in it. There’s been a couple of times when I could have introduced other living things but there’s something in this story about having vignettes that focus on just the three of them, adding to this feeling of secrecy I’m going for.

If you haven’t seen it the minority monster book is now available in the brand new store!

You can pick it up online or in person this weekend if you’re going to London Comic Con. Here’s a map of where me and all the other queer stuff is!

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