This page is very sound effect heavy but I think it was important to make it clear what’s going on.


I’ve been catching up on your comments and I went back and checked the warnings that I put on the first page and realised that I’ve dropped the ball as far as describing what the real content of this story was. If you’re finding this page concerning I’ve got an explanation below which you can highlight to read for those who prefer to avoid spoilers:

This is part of the fantasy that Jefferson requested in his aforementioned note.  John and James are both trying to live up to his (and their own) expectations of what being a dom should be, all the while trying to communicate without breaking character. This is explained in the last few pages of the story as they cool down after the scene is over. 

I apologise that this wasn’t made clear enough in the main story, I’ll now be going back and editing the main warnings to better reflect what a reader would expect. This story will be finishing up monday 16th if you’d like to come back and read it all to get the full context. I appreciate that this might not be the story for everyone but it hit on some important things for me that I wanted to explore. The next story (Pheasant Pluckers) is a much softer story about them going on a holiday together so feel free to just skip this one and join me once again Wednesday 18th when it starts going up.