Gay Buttlers

Brand new! Updates Mon & Wed, a kinky story about three men and the roles they play. Mainly just victorian smut, nothing explicit but everything implied.

Polyamoury, Roleplay, Power imbalances, Sadomasocism and Heavy Homoeroticism. 


Recently finished! 220 page story about Anwar, a guy who identifies as Asexual being dragged to a kink night by his best friend JD.

Asexuality, Genderfluidity, BDSM, Romance and much, much more. 


Currently updating! Monthly gag strip about different gender and sexualities where readers vote on the next monster.

LGBT humour, sarcasm, hard truths and fat unicorns.


Tab’s first comic- a coming of age queer romance epic over 500 pages telling the stories of 8 teenagers. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender main characters. Deals with homophobia, transphobia and sexual abuse.
Tear Jerker!